Our Promise


Using Our Gifts, Experience, Expertise, and Resources to Serve Others

We work to serve those who are value-driven and committed to driving their purpose. Using our expertise to help organizations with a strong focus on their mission, vision, or purpose is exactly our calling. 

Our experience confirms it. Good instructional design and a quality approach are a must to achieve results that are impactful, scalable, sustainable, and inclusive. Prior experience – rooted in the principles of learning and quality – inspires us to serve our clients with quality.

Our Clients

If you are purpose-driven, diverse, inclusive, value-based, and committed to continuous learning, Covenant Consulting is the right fit for you. We are called to serve those committed to seeing their purpose through. 

Need surge support for your ever-growing training needs but do not have an internal training department or bandwidth in your training team? We have you covered. 

Organizations can only fulfill their purpose with continuous learning and improvement and by measuring success tangibly. Moreover, the inclusion of diverse thoughts, backgrounds, genders, and ethnicities is critical for successfully expanding your potential to meet your purpose. 

Covenant Consulting Creating Impact

Let’s Create Impact Together