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Covenant Consulting is a consulting business serving value-based businesses that want to empower the globe through high-impact capacity building and training. We believe that everyone should have access to the best practices employed by large-scale corporations to drive growth. That’s why we help organizations focused on serving emerging markets and underserved populations develop training and learning programs that meet their needs and align with their purpose. Our specialty is integrating assessment of the capacity building recipient, training, and coaching centered around strategic action planning for measurable results.

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Our Company

Covenant Consulting is a part of Living Our Covenant, established in 2012. It is the combined extension of Cascades Advisory Group, established in 2007. We build our relationships and work on our roots, including our commitment to the International Finance Corporation’s Grow Learn Connect (GLC) Principles for Learning. Our unique quality approach and toolkit ensure that your goal and purpose are achieved.

Established in 2012

As a signatory to the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Grow Learn Connect (GLC) Principles for Learning, Covenant Consulting is committed to developing impactful, inclusive, scalable, and sustainable training solutions.  

Every phase of our work uses a unique quality approach and toolkit. This helps drive our processes, measure the effectiveness of our solutions, and drive your journey towards fulfilling your purpose. 

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Our Business is Built on Our Covenant

A covenant is a relationship between two partners who make binding promises to each other to reach a common goal, together. Our covenant, or promise, is based on that of our founders: to use our gifts, experience, expertise, and resources to serve others. Our team shares our covenant and our vision of a world where future generations and organizations not only realize their purpose, but live it every day. We do this through an integrated approach to drive your capacity building goals through quality methodologies and disciplines.

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Our team is connected to our purpose.

Driving the purpose and goals of your value-based organization.

Covenant Consulting brings quality.

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