IFC Global Housing Pilots

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Covenant Consulting is proud to announce the launch of the IFC Global Housing pilots! Jason and Mandy Grant are leading the pilot, facilitating the blended learning approach for the global audience of new Assessor Coaches. 

We used our instructional design expertise to design, develop, and implement over 85 learning experiences that make up the training for Assessor Coaches and developers in two Global Housing Platform assessments.

We used our measurement and evaluation expertise, based on quality, to design, develop, and implement the Global Housing Platform measurement and evaluation plan.

We used our capacity building expertise to design, develop, and implement a robust coaching program for the Assessor Coaches to grow developers’ business proficiencies and affordable, sustainable design capabilities.  

Our success was deepened by our ability to collaborate with subject matter experts, communicate with tool-building vendors, recommend automation platforms and process improvements, and work with the team to test and implement a new LMS.

Click here to view a video about the Global Housing Platform.

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