Our Promise To You

Our promise

Living Our Covenant — We don’t just promise. We live it.

Covenant Consulting promises (covenants) to help you exceed your training goals through our:   

We can also complement your company with our additional areas of expertise:

Our promises
(covenants) to you:

Starting with the end in mind

Develop a clear way to measure success

To ensure we meet or exceed your training goals, our measurement and evaluation experts partner with you to set measurable, meaningful metrics to drive the project towards success. We measure training effectiveness along with sustainable results to evaluate their impact on your training goal. We partner with you to identify meaningful metrics, baseline data, and data collection. We celebrate the results with you.  

How do we do it?

With stakeholder support and feedback, we identify:

Exceed training goals

Build from a place of experience and expertise

We leverage our experience across industries and organizations of different sizes and types, regardless of location. With a sharp focus on cultivating relationships built on the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Grow Learn Connect (GLC) Principles for Learning, our solutions are made for collaborative use. They cultivate successful fulfillment of your purpose and are an integral part of our consultations.

We have successfully helped Global 500 companies, international organizations, nonprofits, government organizations, financial institutions, and businesses of all sizes. We apply principles of continuous learning to ourselves—if we lack the expertise you need, we are happy to engage an expert in that subject to add value to our project.

How do we do it?

With stakeholder support and feedback, we identify:

Driving your training goals through quality

Apply quality expertise, tools, and processes

We exceed your training needs to optimize your strategy with our quality expertise. We apply quality best practices in organizations of all types and sizes. We build continuous improvement into our capacity-building programs to drive your training goals. We pinpoint issues, identify challenges, and mitigate risks by continually examining the training project using quality tools and processes. 

How do we do it?

With stakeholder support and feedback, we do this through our:

Covenant Consulting experience

As a member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), Covenant Consulting specializes in bringing quality management and industry-leading methodologies to your value-driven organization. 

Our ASQ Expert Certification blends with and compliments our expertise in these methodologies:

Measurement and evaluation expertise

Based on our ASQ Expert Certification, we bring these disciplines to the table to drive your purpose: