About Us

Covenant Consulting strongly believes that everyone should have access to the best practices employed by large-scale corporations to drive growth. Furthermore, for an implemented solution to truly deliver, it must be created and taught, or trained for, in accordance with the desired results. Our purpose is to bring our expertise to the table by following a results-oriented approach.

Everyone dedicated to the mission should have a strong understanding of how their daily work drives the organization’s purpose. This requires efficient training, not ineffective communication. An average employee is not trained to measure relevant results. We at Covenant Consulting are here to change that narrative. 

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Our Company

Covenant Consulting is a part of Living Our Covenant, established in 2012. It is the combined extension of Cascades Advisory Group, established in 2007. We build our relationships and work on our roots, including our commitment to the International Finance Corporation’s Grow Learn Connect (GLC) Principles for Learning. Our unique quality approach and toolkit ensure that your goal and purpose are achieved.

Established in 2012

As a signatory to the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Grow Learn Connect (GLC) Principles for Learning, Covenant Consulting is committed to developing impactful, inclusive, scalable, and sustainable training solutions.  

Every phase of our work uses a unique quality approach and toolkit. This helps drive our processes, measure the effectiveness of our solutions, and drive your journey towards fulfilling your purpose. 

Covenant Consulting is part of how we are living our covenant (promise).

Established in 2012, the Grant Family Covenant is based on Jason and Mandy Grant’s faith, safe relationships, and their shared commitment to serve others. Our covenant drives our commitment to fulfill our purpose: using our gifts, experience, expertise, and resources to serve others. 

Our team shares our values and commits (covenants) to live them out while driving your purpose. They are connected to the vine in our logo, which symbolizes strength, determination, endurance, survival, progress, pruning, and the spiritual growth that occurs in a covenantal relationship.

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our team

Living Our Covenant—We don’t just promise. We live it.

Our team is connected to our purpose:

Driving the purpose and goals of your value-based organization.

Covenant Consulting brings quality:

We don’t just promise. We live it. We are:

Passion is what drives us. Your purpose is ours.